Featured image from the iBlow.eu article on how to deal effectively with internal whistleblowing entitled "Internal Whistleblowing: Strategies for an effective response", read on to find out more about how to deal effectively with internal whistleblowing.
Internal Whistleblowing: Strategies for an effective response

In the corporate environment, internal whistleblowing plays a crucial role in detecting and resolving issues such as misconduct, illegalities in some legal spheres, ethical violations and other improper and/or irregular behavior. However, dealing effectively with these reports can be a…

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Insurance fraud: Stay alert and protect your company, image from 15Feb2024 iBlow.eu article, read how to avoid losing a company's valuable resources.
Insurance Fraud: Stay Alert and Protect your Company

Insurance fraud is a constant threat to companies in Portugal and around the world. Protecting yourself against this type of crime is essential to maintaining the financial stability and integrity of your business. In this article, we’ll explore strategies for…

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Blog article from iBlow.eu "Ensuring compliance in the financial sector: The vital role of whistleblowing software", seen in an image of the cloudly financial sector that needs some help to get clearer view.
Ensuring Compliance in the Financial Sector: The Vital Role of Whistleblowing Software

In the highly regulated landscape of the financial sector, ensuring compliance with rules and regulations is an absolute priority. Companies face several specific challenges, from complying with consumer protection laws to preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. In this context,…

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Let's explore how technology can help with risk management and compliance, highlighting the advantages of whistleblowing software. Find out how our whistleblowing software can improve your risk management.
Technology and Risk Management: The Road to Compliance

In an increasingly complex and regulated business world, risk management and compliance have become essential elements for the success and sustainability of organizations. However, they face various challenges, such as the complexity of regulations, the diversity of stakeholders, the lack…

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We need everyone's help to raise awareness of environmental crime, highlighting the negative impacts of intentional pollution and disregard for environmental standards. Encourage companies to adopt sustainable and responsible practices.
Preserving the Planet, Everyone’s Responsibility: Fighting Environmental Crime

In a world that is constantly evolving, preserving our planet is becoming a collective responsibility that transcends borders and individual interests. The fight against environmental crime has emerged as a pressing need, and it is imperative to highlight the negative impacts…

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Article in which we present statistical data on the negative effects of anti-competitive practices on the economy and highlight the importance of fair competition for a healthy market. Encouraging companies to adopt ethical practices that are compatible with anti-trust legislation.
Fair competition, strong economy: The impact of anti-competitive practices

Anti-competitive practices are business behaviors that jeopardize the normal functioning of a competitive market, harming consumers, other companies and society in general. These practices can take various forms, such as agreements between competitors to fix prices, limit production or share…

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iBlow.eu, in this blog post we talk about "Innovation with Integrity: Respecting Copyright"
Innovation with Integrity: Respecting Copyright

In the digital age in which we live, where information circulates at an impressive speed, innovation and creativity are becoming the cornerstones of progress. However, it is essential to stress that, on the road to innovation, integrity must be preserved,…

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Best practices for implementing a whistleblowing program
Guide to Effective Implementation of Whistleblowing Programs in Organizations

Implementing a whistleblowing program is an essential practice for promoting a transparent and ethical organizational culture. This guide offers valuable guidance and tips for companies wishing to establish an efficient whistleblowing system, encouraging employees to report unethical conduct in a…

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Article sharing trivia about industrial espionage and practical tips for protecting your company's intellectual property and confidential information. We highlight the importance of security measures and employee awareness.
Industrial Espionage: Curiosities and Protection Strategies for Companies

Industrial espionage is a growing threat in the business world, where global competition and rapid technological evolution make confidential information a valuable asset. This article explores curiosities about industrial espionage and offers practical tips for protecting your company’s intellectual property…

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In this article iBlow.eu raises the issue of the responsibility of senior management in complying with whistleblowing law and promoting a safe and transparent whistleblowing culture.
The Responsibility of Senior Management in Promoting a Safe and Transparent Whistleblowing Culture

Introduction Legal and ethical compliance is a fundamental pillar for the success and sustainability of any organization. In the current context, whistleblowing laws play a crucial role in identifying and correcting unethical or illegal behavior within companies. In this scenario,…

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